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Hajrrath Mohammed

Personal Profile



Active Member and Advocate of Lupus TZ

Hajrrath Mohammed is the founder and chair person of LUPUS AWARENESS AND SUPPORT FOUNDATION.  (LUPUS-LASF) With four years of experience working along side the executive team. Hajrrath’s LASF foundation is a member of LUPUSTZ (Lupus Tanzania) working together as a team since 2019 to raise awareness. Hajrrath is a Lupus survivor, diagnosed 16 years ago with DISCOID LUPUS ERYTHEMATOUS (DLE). She has  studied Journalism. Hajrrath is  responsible to raise awareness to the society on Lupus and the rights of persons with Lupus Hajrrath is health activist, development stakeholder, Public speaker, event planner and an Actress. Hajrrath has been advocating for the recognition of persons with Lupus and practical realization of the rights of persons with Lupus since 2018. Hajrrath is powerful in the workplace and uses her positive attitude & tireless energy to encourage others to work hard to spread fundamental awareness on lupus to the society. Hajrrath  is motivated by her  lovely family.

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