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Lupus TZ Ambassadors

LUPUS TZ is honoured to have the support of ambassadors. These ambassadors lend their name in support of our cause, and help to generate media coverage for the charity, or bring in donations.

We are also very grateful to have the permission from LUPUS UK CEO Mr. Paul Howard.

LUPUSTZ Founder & Chairperson Madame Irene Joel, since being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus & lupus nephritis  in 2007 she had the passion to start the LUPUSTZ (inspired by the LUPUSUK)

She slowly started the journey raising awareness in Tanzania where it’s badly needed.


Founder & Chairperson

Madame Irene Joel


Executive Secretary & Founder Member

Justice Thomas Mihayo

leslie mambo.jpg

Rest in eternal peace, always in our hearts

Mr Leslie Mambo


Active Member & Advocate

Aika Elinewinga


Founder Member & Co. Founder

Constancia Lameck Lima


Active Member & Advocate

Hajrrath Mohammed


Ms. Stella Marealle


Active Member & Advocate

Sharifa A. Kibola


Brenda Allan Masubo

Members and Supporters

Allan Mambo Leslie

Lloyd Naiman Leslie

Amini Meenda Mallya

Leslie Carl Leslie

Lexie Rose Nyerere.

Louis Joel Nyerere.

Natalie Dolapo Dennison.

Fatuma Kibola.

Gene Tuitt.

Dr. Hamza Hassan

Dr. Muhudin Abdi Mahamud

Ms. Deborah Lima

Jessica M. Mulokozi

Anna Lukindo

Devota Kijogoo Mtambo

Mustafa Hassanali

Mgeni Kazinyingi

Doris Khamesse

Dr Miriam Urassa

Ms. Flora Mataba.  NHIF Tanzania.

Dr Raphael Mallaba (NHIF Reginal Manager).  Tanzania.

Paul Howard - Chief Executive of LUPUS UK


Let's Work Together

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